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Dr. Kristin Sulis, DVM


Dr. Krissy Bussmann, DVM


Veterinarian and Practice Owner (read dr. sulis' bio...)


Veterinarian (read dr. bussmann's bio...)


Mission Statement: As the leader of Mt. Tabor Veterinary Care it is my mission to use my experience and medical expertise to provide the best in wellness, illness and surgical care for patients, kind and caring interaction and education to clients, and healthy leadership for staff - all in a comfortable and beautiful environment.

 My personal blog, "Ready, Vet, Go!"


Mission Statement: My mission as Mt. Tabor Veterinary Care’s associate is to extend my love of animals to all my patients, to empower my clients with knowledge, to build positive relationships with my coworkers, and to work hard to maintain the most current knowledge base. Most importantly, I enjoy being happy and fulfilled in my work, and I want that happiness and satisfaction to shine through in quality of care for my patients and their families.


Dr. Lisa Williams, DVM


Melissa Guila, CVT


Veterinarian (read dr. williams' bio...)


Veterinary Nurse (read melissa's bio...)


Mission Statement: It is my honor and my life's calling to treat each and every pet as I would my own by providing a safe and comfortable environment for both clients and their pets in which we, together, provide the best veterinary care in an open and compassionate manner. It is my goal to see that every client leaves the clinic knowing that they received the best possible care they could for their pet given each individual circumstance.

    melissa guila

Mission Statement: To share my compassion for our animal friends, educating our clients to help their pets live healthy and comfortably, taking care to cater to each of their unique personalities with gentle, precise and practical techniques.


Margot Langan, CVT


Aubrey Hagg, CVT


Care Coordinator/Veterinary Nurse (read margot's bio...)


Veterinary Nurse (read aubrey's bio...)

margot langan

Mission Statement: My mission at Mt. Tabor Veterinary Care is to be nurturing, loving and kindhearted to all our patients, to engage them in a compassionate manner while providing outstanding veterinary care in a friendly and safe setting. To make the patient feel as comfortable and calm as possible opens the door to meaningful client education on their pet’s behalf. Knowing that my mission and my values are both welcomed and highly regarded here at Mt. Tabor Veterinary Care is like a dream come true: being part of a caring and purposeful veterinary team that is progressive, innovative and inspiring.


Mission Statement: My mission with Mt Tabor Veterinary Care is to educate and assist pet owners in achieving the best quality of life for all of their family members.


James Ware


Katy Guldager, CVT



Veterinary Nurse Assistant (read james' bio...)


Veterinary Nurse (read katy's bio...)


james ware

Mission Statement: To treat all of our patients with the utmost care and compassion. To work hard to provide the highest quality care possible. To use my knowledge to help educate pet owners and actively involve them in the care and treatment of their pets. To always strive to improve the quality of life of our patients and to keep them as the top priority at all times.

    katy guldager

Mission Statement: To make lives better one pet at a time during every precious life stage. I also want to facilitate and improve the bond between pets and their families through medicine, teamwork and the love of all living things. My goal is to form productive and positive relationships with clients and patients, support outreach into the community and to educating myself and our clients on the most up-to-date preventative care.


Matt Gordon


Theresa Short


Veterinary Nurse Assistant (read matt's bio...)

    Client Care Advocate (read theresa's bio...)    

matt gordon

Mission Statement: My mission at Mt. Tabor Veterinary Care is utilize my skills and knowledge as a Veterinary Nurse to help owner’s make informed decisions while helping to enrich the lives of their furry companions.

    theresa short

Mission Statement: My mission as a Client Care Advocate at Mt. Tabor Veterinary Care is to take care of pets by taking care of their people. I believe in treating all people with respect, honesty, compassion, and caring. I also believe that humor and laughter are an integral part of a happy life and a happy workplace.


Debbie Conrad


Sarah Prokop


Client Care Advocate (read debbie's bio...)


Client Care Advocate (read sarah's bio...)


Mission Statement: As a Client Care Advocate and member of the Mt Tabor Veterinary Care team, it is my goal to help provide a supportive and compassionate environment for our clients, their companion animals, and our medical staff.

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Mission Statement: As a Client Care Advocate at Mt. Tabor Veterinary Care, it is my mission to serve as an effective liaison between the needs of our clients and the knowledge and skill of our amazing staff. I aim to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere where our team is supported through shared values and mutual effort, and where our clients and patients are cared for with compassion, enthusiasm, and joy.


Shelly Alexander


Barb Sulis


Client Care Advocate (read shelly's bio...)


Mission Statement: My mission as a Client Care Advocate is to provide the highest quality of customer service delivered with warmth, compassion, friendliness and individual pride.


Mission Statement: To take care of the record keeping, financial duties and paperwork associated with running the business to further enable the medical staff to stay focused on the quality, personalized care they provide to their clients.

My role keeps me behind the scenes, so I look forward to helping out with trade shows, street fairs and other functions that allow me to meet some of the clients.

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